How to Redeem Your Photo/Video Credits

Woohoo! Your photo/video credits are ready to be redeemed, so now what?

We’ve created this #FULLOUT checklist to help you through the process.


1. Click on the Link we provided in your redemption email.

2. Add the video, photos, or entire gallery to your cart


PLEASE NOTE: There is a known-issue with attempting Gallery Downloads from your cell phone. The platform says they do this because you cannot actually download the file to your iPhone, so they disable the option. If you do not have the option to “Buy Gallery Download” for images, please try from a computer.

Buying a video only? Press the “Buy” button, then choose “This Video”


This method works for individual photos as well!

Buying the entire gallery (photos & video)?

Choose “Buy Gallery Download”

Reminder: Videos are included in the Gallery Download!

3. Proceed to Checkout


Add your redemption code to the coupon area & checkout



  • This code is one-time-use only. It can be used once, on one order, and if shared, will not be replaced.
  • Single videos are included in the Gallery Download (as of May 2019)

We hope you enjoy your photos & videos, and we can’t wait for your next event!


-The Full Out Creative Team

#FULLOUT @fulloutcreative