How to Prepare for Your Photoshoot


  • Have the outfits you would like to wear already selected and laid out.
  • Solid colors work best and avoid all white clothing (for headshots your face should be the brightest part of the image) or Graphics that will be distracting.
    • AVOID small repeating patterns like pinstripes or polka dots. If you’d like to incorporate these patterns, reach out to us in advance.
    • Please also let us know if you plan to wear glasses during your photoshoot.
  • Adding a layer (like a jacket) for texture and a simple change-up for you look can go a long way.



  • Go with your natural everyday look.
  • Bring powder and a brush (or any other application method).
  • Powder reduces editing time, and makes you less shiny when photographed. Using an oil wipe before applying powder/makeup can also be helpful.


Dance Photos

  • Research poses a head of time. Be prepared with lots of options:
    • You may notice several of your peers doing the same poses – be unique!
  • The photographer may ask for something different because of constraints with the lighting, or background.
  • The more you prep in advance the more we can capture and provide for you during your shoot.


  • Make a playlist on Spotify or Tidal and send a link to us in advance! Great music = great vibes, and music that speaks to you will help create an atmosphere that showcases you at your best.