Producing New Work

We help storytellers make art that changes the conversation.

Full Out Creative produces film (narrative and documentary shorts and features), theater (specializing in musical theater and music-forward staged productions), and events.

All of our project choices are guided by two things: our producing philosophy, and our points-based job ratings, called iEMU.

Producing Philosophy

Our producing philosophy is evolving, and will continue to do so. Here are some of the things we look for when engaging new storytellers and narratives:

  • Historically excluded and marginalized groups
  • Unknown, undertold, and suppressed narratives
  • Social justice narratives
  • Desire for social impact beyond the stage or screen
  • New, original works, that are not derivative
  • Stories that mess around with history, mythology, language, and time


This stands for Interest, Exposure, Money, and Utility, each of which is approximately 25% of our decision-making criteria.

Interest (purely subjective)
How personally interested are we in engaging on this project?

Exposure (partially subjective)
How will this project impact our visibility in ways that are valuable to us?

Money (purely objective)
What percentage of our rates will be paid for our work (from free to 100%)?

Utility (partially objective)
How can we use the media or content captured, and for what purpose?

Current Shows + Projects

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