Photoshoot Policies & FAQ

First-Time Clients

To encourage a comfortable & safe environment, all first-time clients should consider bringing a friend. This is not a requirement unless you’re under 18.


Any person under 18 must have a parent/guardian attend all photoshoot sessions.


Cancellations / Rescheduling / Refunds

We understand that life, and the industry, are constantly changing. To help navigate unforeseen problems, FOC offers three options to clients who have booked and paid for their photoshoot session.



We offer the following for rescheduling if you notify us in advance:

    • More than 48+ hrs advance notice from session date = no fee
    • Less than 48 hrs advance notice from session date = additional 10% rebooking fee
    • ALL sessions that are rescheduled must be scheduled for a date that is within 30 days of the original session.


Transfer your shoot to a friend

Sometimes, you can’t make your session on the original date or you are unable to reschedule within 30 days of your original date. In these cases, we allow you to transfer the session to a friend. The same scheduling terms above to apply to your friend, and any payments or repayments will take place between you and your friend, not FOC and your friend.



Any client who misses their scheduled photoshoot will forfeit their deposit and any other payment made.



Due to the amount of work and fees incurred preparing for your session, Full Out Creative charges a 10% administrative fee for refund requests for sessions that have already been booked and paid for. You will be refunded your original payment amount less this 10% fee.



Studio Photoshoot FAQ


What is an ‘enhanced’ photo compared to a ‘retouched’ photo?

Enhancements are for lighting, color, and clarity. They give your images that extra pop and get them social-media / website ready.


Retouching is for blemish-removal, shine, fly-away hairs – all the things to get your portrait ready to print.


What happens after the photoshoot?

FOC will email you a private link to review (and download!) all your Original JPGs from the session. This happens within 48-hours of the shoot. From there you will select which images you would like enhanced and/or retouched and we we will get those done within 7 business days of your email.


Do you offer discounts? Anyway I can save money on this shoot?

Book with a friend! This is really the best way to get the most out of your #StudioSession. You both will have three 15-minute blocks to use. While one is in front of the camera, the other can be changing outfits & retouching make-up — minimizing any downtime between looks. Additionally this automatically covers our ‘1st-time-client’ policy


I am no longer available for my photo session, what can I do?

FOC offers three options when life throws you a curve ball: Reschedule, Transfer, or a Partial Refund. Details are on this page.


Where can I get my headshots printed?

FOC does not provide photo printing services. The premier NYC photo printing company (Reproductions) is no longer in business, so we have found two alternatives for our clients.

While we are referring you to these two sites, we cannot guarantee their results and you must decide for yourself if they are the right option for you.